• Day 1 – Wednesday 11 June

      07.00 Networking breakfast
      08.00 Registration

      Welcome and Introduction

      David Rockland, Ketchum Partner and Chairman, AMEC.
      Barry Leggetter, CEO, AMEC and Summit Director.
      Jeroen Scholten, Founder, Publistat, Summit Headline Sponsor, welcomes delegates.

      Measurement and PR

      What is the key to the wider international adoption of measurement and analytics?
      The AMEC Summit brings together three major PR agency figures to share their perspectives on analytics in public relations and suggest what else we can do to embed measurement and analytics at the heart of every PR programme.


      FROM INSIGHT TO IMPACT: Why value isn’t where it used to be.

      The work of corporate communicators is more valuable than ever fully realised. In a radically transparent world, where everything moves at stunning speed, reputations can be ruined, and billions wiped off share prices, in seconds. Why? Because value isn’t where it used to be. What does that mean for research to measure value, and for value creating research?
      Kevin Murray, Chairman, the Good Relations Group.




      Upping the PR Impact of Social Earned and Paid Media: 5 T’s to the Rescue (Topic,Type, Timing, Threshold & Text Length)

      Dave Senay, CEO, FleishmanHillard.




      Measuring Relevance

      Matt Neale, President, International, GolinHarris.




      The Summit Measurement Colloquium

      What can we do together to get more PR professionals to make measurement and analytics a

      An international panel join Dave, Kevin and Matt for a Q&A session.
      Moderator: Paul Holmes
      , CEO, the Holmes Group.

      The Panel:

      • Giselle Bodie, Chief Executive, Salience Insight
      • Francis Ingham, Executive Director, ICCO & Director General, PRCA
      • Jeremy Thompson, Chief Executive, Gorkana Group and AMEC Chair-Elect.
      • Gregory Sendi, Global Strategist Community Leader, GolinHarris
      11.00 Networking refreshment break

      Putting evaluation at the heart of public service communications

      The reform of UK government communications and the lessons Alex Aiken draws from making evaluation a mandatory part of the new Government Communications Service (GCS). The role of the new Evaluation Council, the insight from some of the major campaigns and the impact of making evaluation skills a requirement for membership of the GCS.
      Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Government Communications, HM Government UK.




      “Brand Building in a Disruptive environment”
      Leveraging Market Insight from Local Market Measurement

      Richard Wergan, Executive Vice President, Global Head of Brand, Communications & Digital, Philips




      “When Harry met Sally”

      Measurement and evaluation in the new reality of integrated marketing. How do we shape the AMEC view on measurement beyond the PR silo with campaigns crossing integrated touchpoints? A panel discussion that opens a door to our future organisation and answers:

      • Where does this all this leave PR measurement?
      • What does this mean for the future of M&E and, more broadly, AMEC?
      • How do we adapt to the new reality of integrated marketing as a body?

      Moderator: Marion McDonald, Managing Director, Strategy & Measurement, Asia Pacific Ogilvy Public Relations, Hong Kong and Chairman, AMEC Asia Pacific Chapter.

      The Panel

      • Chris Foster, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton, Washington DC
      • David Rockland, Ketchum Partner and Chairman, AMEC, New York
      • Michael Ziviani, CEO, Precise Value, Sydney
      13.15 Lunch and networking

      Assess public diplomacy and adapt through measurement

      Ambassador Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, NATO.




      Special Summit Address
      A New Paradigm and Model for Measurement and Evaluation.
      ‘Exclusive unveiling of a new approach to up the game’

      Professor Jim Macnamara, PhD, Professor of Public Communication, University of Technology, Sydney




      Return on Engagement: Who knew computer science would solve the age old problem of measuring impact and engagement?

      Chris Foster, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton.



      15.55 Networking refreshment break

      The Science of Engagement

      Dr. Olivier Oullier, Full Professor of Behavioral Sciences, Aix-Marseilles University, France.
      Julian Lambertin, Head of Strategy & Analytics, Weber Shandwick.




      How Lenovo set up a Global Analytics hub and Social Media Listening Command centers to get closer to the customer.

      Rod Strother, Director, Lenovo Center of Social and Digital Excellence, Singapore.




      When Dragon’s Den Meets The X Factor!

      The new AMEC Best Newcomers Award is judged live by a client panel with the audience having the final say on the winner!
      Host: Andre Manning, Global Head of Public Affairs & PR,
      The Judges

      • Jeni Chapman, Managing Director US, Gorkana Group
      • Professor Jim Macnamara, PhD, Professor of Public Communication, University of Technology, Sydney
      • Jeroen Scholten, Founder, Publistat
      • Eileen Shiel, Executive Director, Cleveland Clinic
      18.00 Close of day 1
      Welcome drinks reception – Vondelpark 3 Kitchen and Bar
      18.50 – 19.30 Tuk Tuk Shuttle from the hotel entrance to the Vondelpark
      or Guests walk through the park to the Drinks Reception guided by Summit Staff

    • Day 2 – Thursday 12 June


      Whiteboard Session: – How to get involved in Measurement Week!

      Measurement Week is a key element of the Global Education Programme. The session will explain how you can help and ask you to be creative and generate new ideas to take away!

      Creative leader: Andy West, Group Chief Development Officer, Hotwire.
      Representing the International Chapters:

      • Allyson Hugley, Executive Vice President, Measurement, Analytics and Insights, Weber Shandwick & Co-Chair, AMEC North American Chapter.
      • Marion McDonald, Managing Director, Strategy & Measurement, Asia Pacific, Ogilvy Public Relations, Hong Kong and Chair, AMEC Asia Pacific Chapter.
      • Kelly M. Stepno, Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton.

      Workshops A & B

      Workshop A

      Lessons from Social in China and Asia Pacific what can we learn from this most dynamic of regions?

      Sam Flemming, founder and Chairman, CIC and a dynamic figure in China’s social media growth runs an interactive workshop which will cover how:

      • The Chinese client expects insights
      • Social media is at the heart of comms and moving into new areas in the organization
      • The Asia Pacific region is interconnected through social media
      • Social is moving from public to private, from PC to mobile
      • What Chinese trends mean for other parts of the world?

      Workshop B

      360 Degrees of Chaos: Harnessing the International Data World

      “A person who is gifted sees the essential point and leaves the rest as surplus.”
      Thomas Carlyle, Scottish Writer Scottish philosopher, satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher.

      Good measurement requires simple, smart, good data collection – and a way to navigate through all of the swirling, turning, churning chaos out there. This practical ‘how-to’ workshop looks at the best way to see your way through the process of data planning, data collection and data analysis – to help you have complete confidence in the data you are reviewing and measuring.

      • On the road to simple and smart.
      • Making the smart decision about methodology.
      • Now that you have goals, how do you get there?
      • Picking your partners.
      • Vetting criteria for international data collection firms.

      Moderator: Paul Braun, Owner, Braun Research, Inc.

      The Panel:

      • Annie Weber, EVP, Public Affairs & Corporate Communications, Consumer Experiences North America. GfK Custom Research, LLC.
      • Ann Sofie Krol, Analysis Manager Nordic Region at Opoint, Stockholm.
      11.00 Networking refreshment break

      Workshops C & D

      Workshop C

      Upping the Game: What the client wants – and how to deliver it.

      At the AMEC Summit in Madrid last year, there was a call from some clients for a “keep it simple” approach to measurement reports. But, what exactly does this mean, and how do you do it? This panel will address the key questions behind “keeping it simple”:

      • Are we speaking the same language or are PR and media intelligence professionals creating a language that our clients don’t speak?
      • Why “keeping it simple” can mean different things to different people.
      • How clients actually use their evaluation reports and what their “wish list” is for the future in terms of presentation.

      Moderator: Christina Liao, SVP and Senior Partner, Global Director, Research & Analytics, FleishmanHillard.

      The Panel:

      • Karen Crawford, CEO, MediaVerse.
      • Cindy Penders, Manager of External Communications, ING Nederland.
      • Eileen Sheil, Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Cleveland Clinic.
      • Rod Strother, Director of Lenovo Center of Social and Digital Excellence.

      Workshop D

      Upping the Game: How to put a measurement system into a PR consultancy.

      AMEC’s CEO says he receives telephone calls and requests for meeting every week from firms especially PR consultancies wanting to take measurement more seriously. In the session PR professionals and measurement specialists will share thinking on how to develop a measurement framework.

      • How does a PR consultancy start the process of developing a measurement system or framework?
      • What will a measurement framework look like and how measurement companies can help.
      • Getting client and employee buy-in.
      • How to work with an AMEC measurement company.

      Moderator: Andy West, Group Chief Development Officer, Hotwire Communications.


      • Sara Blazquez, Managing Director, Burson-Marsteller, Spain.
      • Johna Burke, Executive Vice-President, BurrellesLuce.
      • David Gribnau, Chairman, Association of PR and Communications Consultants in The Netherlands.
      • François Van Dyk, Operations Manager, Ornico Group.
      • Helen Widmark, Media Analysis Manager, Retriever Sverige, Stockholm.

      Workshops E & F – Summit Summaries!

      Workshop E

      Content & Copyright – Industry update

      AMEC held a webinar with FIBEP and PDLN in March.

      • What did we learn in terms of what members really want from international licensing to help them deal with the growth in the number of cross border tenders and Requests for Proposal (RFPs)?
      • What are our next joint steps?

      Session hosts: Christophe Dickes, Global Copyright Director, Kantar Media and Nikki Daniel,Director Global Content, Moreover Technologies

      Workshop F

      Education – AMEC College

      AMEC now has two courses running through the online AMEC College.

      • How are we doing?
      • What does the market want in terms of new courses and initiatives?

      Session hosts: Evgeniy Larionov, CEO, Ex Libris and Chair, AMEC Professional Development Committee and Vanessa Lynch, Senior Analyst, Kantar Media and Member of Professional Development Committee.

      Lunch and networking

      Workshops G & H

      Workshop G

      Metrics that matter: Making sense of social media measurement

      An international panel reviews the latest trends in social media measurement and looks at what will happen in the next 12 months. This session will also feature the launch of AMEC’s brand new social media measurement frameworks guide and revised transparency tables which your agency should be using.

      Moderator: Richard Bagnall, CEO, Prime Research UK.

      The panel:

      • Sam Flemming, Founder and Chairman, CIC
      • Christopher Folschette, Founder, Trendiction/Talkwalker
      • Ben Levine, Research Director, Ketchum
      • Adam Parker, Founder, Lissted

      Workshop H
      The stormy marriage of PR consultancies and measurement providers – a couple’s therapy

      The session examines the pressure points in the relationship between a PR consultancy and media intelligence firm and how challenges can be overcome and a successful working partnership developed.

      The “couple”:
      Giselle Bodie, Chief Executive, Salience Insight, as the “partner” at a fast-expanding media intelligence company.
      David Rockland, in the role of the “partner” at the New York head office of a global PR company.

      “Dr Phil” Lynch, Director, Media Evaluation, Kantar Media News Intelligence.

      The couple take part in Group Therapy to ask others if they have had the same problems.

      15.30 Networking refreshment break

      Special Summit Plenary Session:
      Can the Barcelona Principles Help Save Lives?

      The Barcelona Principles was a break-through in PR measurement. However as well as providing the first ever measurement framework, three speakers representing leading Not-for-profit organisations will also show how the Principles can save lives!

      The speakers will share their experiences on how the Barcelona Principles are helping their organisations’s communications work be more effective, more relevant and so help save lives. They will talk about their work and special campaigns, referencing some of the 7 Barcelona Principles to show how they have been embedded in their thinking, including:

      • The importance of goal setting.
      • Why the effect on business results should be measured.
      • AVE’s are Not the Value of Public Relations.

      Moderator: Dr David Rockland, Ketchum Partner and Chairman, AMEC.

      The panel:

      • Melanie Brooks, Head of Global Communications, CARE International
      • Arturo Romboli, Strategic Planning Specialist, UNICEF.
      • Eileen Sheil, Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Cleveland Clinic
      • Sariah Toronto, Senior Communications Officer, Measurement and Technology, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

      The measurement experts:

      • Mark Denn, Managing Director EMEA, Moreover Technologies Ltd.
      • Jeroen Scholten, Founder, Publistat Mediaonderzoek.

      Close of Summit

      Jeremy Thompson, Chief Executive, Gorkana Group and Chair Elect, AMEC.
      Barry Leggetter, CEO and Summit Director.

      The torch moves to Scandinavia in 2015
      Epsen Viskjer, Country Manager, Retriever Norge AS
      Headline Sponsor of AMEC International Summit 2015

      17.30 Close of Day 2


      Summit Gala Dinner and AMEC Awards 2014

      Canal barge cruise and drinks reception.

      A special tour by barge through the UNESCO World Heritage listed Amsterdam Canals to deliver all guests to De Duif, a magnificent neo-classic church and the venue for the Summit Dinner and AMEC Awards 2014 ceremony. Drinks served on board and a 3-minute walk at the end to the venue.


      Summit Dinner and AMEC Awards 2014

      23.00, 23.30 & Midnight Coaches depart from De Duif back to the Marriott Amsterdam.

    • Day 3 – Friday 13 June


      Walking and cycle tours.

      Friday is a great day to explore the beautiful city of Amsterdam. As Amsterdam is the cycling city, we have arranged guided cycling tours for you to leisurely see the city. Alternatively we have guided walking tours too.

      Click on this link for more details.


  • View Presentations
  • Barry Leggetter, AMEC CEO, talks about the AMEC International Summit in Amsterdam, what it means and the future of the media intelligence sector.
  • Alex Aiken, Executive Director, Government Communications, HM Government UK, talks about what it means to be given the AMEC Chairman’s Award for the contribution he has made to advance the importance of measurement.
  • Download new thinking

    Jim Macnamara Professor Jim Macnamara PhD, Professor of Public Communication, University of Technology, Sydney, presented new thinking at the International Summit in Amsterdam.
    Download his Paper:
    A New Paradigm and Model for Measurement and Evaluation”
    - a new approach to “Up The Game”.
  • Return on Engagement

    Christian FosterChris Foster, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton showed how media and metrics go hand in hand with a visual showing the Evolution of Communications Measurement, presented as part of his Summit paper on Return on Engagement.
  • Summit Pictures

    See pictures from the AMEC International Summit in Amsterdam. View the Gallery. Summit Pictures